Jessica Jaymes Shows Off Her Pussy’s Ball Draining Powers

Tuesday, September 9, 2014 8:58

Horny brunette Jessica Jaymes is a favorite with her devotees for good reason. This stunning and lusty stunner is one of those women all boys want to fuck, and Keiran Lee gets to do it while you watch. Her lusty lips wrap around his big wang so nicely and as she sucks him, he moans. He returns the favor licking her slit until it is nice and juicy.

Keiran drives his rod into her slim hole, balls deep and slamming, making her seed hung stiff and long before he finishes off with a kissable spray of spunk wherever she wants it!

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Jessica Jaymes Strips Off Black Dress to Finger Wet Cunt

Friday, September 5, 2014 1:42

Lusty porn vixen Jessica Jaymes loves to get naked for you. She starts off in a sexy black dress, looking fine. But in two shakes, she’s got those big titties bare and ready to be tasted by your eager tongue. She sits down and strips everything off but her black g-string, and her fine ass cheeks look ready for fondling as she stands there proudly.

She spreads her legs wide and fingers that pink pussy, moist and tender and hungry to be filled. One long finger slips inside, making Jessica Jaymes moan as she imagines how good your cock would feel inside her!

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Jessica Jaymes Strips Off Black Lingerie to Fuck

Tuesday, September 2, 2014 1:25

Hot brunette babe Jessica Jaymes is looking fine and erotic in black leather lingerie. She can’t wait to get her mouth on her man’s dick, sucking him and licking him, enjoying the delicious taste. Her pussy gets so wet and ready that soon, she climbs on top, riding him in a reverse cowgirl position, getting his shaft as deep as possible in her juicy cunt.

Jessica Jaymes loves the way he pounds her demanding hole, slamming into her hard and deep and making her cum all over his dick and when his cock is ready to explode, she loves his spunk on her tummy!

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Jessica Jaymes gets fucked on her teachers desk

Tuesday, August 19, 2014 9:11

Prof. Jessica Jaymes is at her desk doing her work when her pupil Bill drops a doll on her: he caught his track team girlfriend in bed with the track coach, who just happens to be schoolteacher James’s fiancee. The university educator can’t believe what she’s hearing, but after it’s all said and done, she’s ready to move on, real quick! So quick that she has her co-ed Bill help her strip and shoves her big rack in his face! Ol’ boy Bill may be heartbroken, but he’s happy as a clam when Jessica’s is in his face! The student-teacher fornication conference is a success, as the hearbroken duo help one another move on to greener pastures. The End.

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Jessica Jaymes, Emma Star and Nikki Benz group sex

Friday, August 1, 2014 21:37

Emma Starr is having a small bbq with her friend’s Jessica Jaymes and Nikki Benz when Richie (a friend of a friend) stops by. He gives the girls help cooking the arousing dogs, but they are more interested in the giant dick that’s in his pants. He resists at first since he is a married man, but who can say no to 3 naughty women? Richie bangs them all, what a fine method to end a three day weekend!

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Jessica Jaymes fucks her student

Saturday, July 26, 2014 21:23

Jessica Jaymes calls her student’s dad, Richie, in for a small assembly. Richie’s son is a teeny brat and lacks discipline and Jessica is convinced that he got his lack of discipline from Richie. Jessica decides that the best way to solve her problem is to discipline Richie and have him do exactly what she says. Richie is obliged to follow her directions if he wants his son to pass her class.

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Jessica Jaymes Takes On Two Cocks at Once

Tuesday, July 1, 2014 19:43

Sexy and beautiful Jessica Jaymes looks too pure and sweet to be such a naughty vixen, but that’s what makes it so great. She takes on two cocks at once, enjoying the sheer joy of being filled at both ends. She sucks and fucks like there is no tomorrow and when her cunt and mouth are both being pumped at the same time, she loses herself in orgasmic joy.

Jessica Jaymes cums so hard, she wants to make sure her stud lovers feel the same satisfaction and pleasure. She gets on her knees, stroking their dicks at the same time, until they both shower her with their thick spunk!

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Jessica Jaymes Sucks Titties and Feasts on Pussy

Tuesday, June 24, 2014 21:00

Sexy hot brunette Jessica Jaymes loves some good pussy sometimes. Her hot blonde friend is just what the doctor ordered when she’s in the mood for some good lesbian loving. These horny babes get all kinds of dirty with each other, sucking and licking every inch of skin they can reach as they strip off lingerie.

Jessica Jaymes is one of the most delicious women around and watching her eat cunt will have your cock throbbing and ready for fun. If you could slip through the camera, Jessica would love to feel you inside her while her friend cums on her face.

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Jessica Jaymes Gets Fucked in Tattoo Parlor

Tuesday, May 27, 2014 15:36

Walking into the tattoo parlor, Jessica Jaymes didn’t know exactly what she wanted. Some cute maybe, but all of her plans on getting inked went out the window as soon as she saw the tattoo artist. Now all she can think about is getting his dick inside her pussy.

After only a couple minutes of flirting, this slut found herself laying back in the chair with her legs spread and her twat filled! Jessica Jaymes was overcome with excitement. Her pussy dripped down her thighs – she was just so wet from this intense fucking!

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Jessica Jaymes Gives You Hot and Sloppy POV Blowjob

Thursday, May 22, 2014 19:11

Sexy and beautiful Jessica Jaymes looks even better with a big cock in her mouth. The alluring seductress is as cock-hungry as it gets and you can tell by her bright and sunny smile that she can’t wait to feel yours filling her mouth. She opens wide and sucks your head, loving that POV blowjob thrill. She licks and caresses your shaft with her talented tongue, sucking you deep into her throat and feeling your dick harden as your passion grows.

Jessica Jaymes is a hungry vixen who won’t let up until she gets what she’s after – major hot spunk spray all over her pretty mouth!

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Jessica Jaymes Lesbian Pornstar Laps at Ava Addams Pussy

Friday, May 2, 2014 22:15

Lusty hot brunette Jessica Jaymes is a total wet dream in black lingerie and with Ava Addams by her side, these two babes are about to share some lesbo thrills. They both look stunning in their black garments and neither of them can keep their hands off each other, stripping clothes off while they lick and suck on titties and cunts.

Their talented tongues and nimble fingers slide in deep and the pussy juice is all over their faces and hands as they make each other cum. Jessica Jaymes loves a slumber party with Ava – but not much sleeping goes on!

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Jessica Jaymes and Sarah Vandella Tag Team Cock With POV Blowjob

Friday, April 25, 2014 13:59

Lusty brunette Jessica Jaymes is always hungry for cock and even when she’s hanging out with Sarah Vandella, neither of them can resist the allure of a hard dick in their mouths. These horny pornstars believe in sharing their toys and they feast on that huge man meat together, relishing to taste of his girth in their mouths. Up and down in the most delicious POV action, these hungry hotties suck and lick and feast on all that dick until they make their man cum hard.

Jessica Jaymes loves when her mouth is full of sperm and she and Sarah Vandella have very happy, messy faces today!

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Jessica Jaymes Seductive Brunette Bares All From Black Lace

Saturday, April 12, 2014 10:29

Luscious and beautiful Jessica Jaymes has the talent for looking classy and seductive at the same time. In black, lacy lingerie, her slender curves are exquisite as she kneels on the bed. Her beautiful face and long dark hair are breathtaking, and when she starts slipping her clothing off slowly, knowing that she’s titillating your fantasies.

Jessica Jaymes is such a natural seductress that it pays to keep your eyes on her. She moves with grace and sensuality and when her fingers start playing with her sweet pussy, you can see that she knows exactly how to get herself off hard and juicy!

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Jessica Jaymes Wraps Hands Around Lesbian’s Big Tits

Wednesday, April 2, 2014 7:57

Sexy brunette Jessica Jaymes is dazzling in green lingerie and her lesbian lover seems to like what she sees. These babes can’t resist caressing and tasting each other while stripping off any clothing that gets in their way.

It’s an exquisite turn on watching them use their talented tongues on each others’ pussies but when Jessica Jaymes fucks her lover with a toy held in her mouth, it gets even more intense. You can tell that the orgasms are going to be running wild today. These dishy babes won’t stop until they are well satisfied and covered in sweet, hot pussy juice!

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Jessica Jaymes Gets Double-Teamed at Stripclub

Friday, February 21, 2014 17:08

Lusty brunette bombshell Jessica Jaymes has her hot studs to play with and she’s loving every minute of it. She holds their cocks so tight as she takes turns sucking them, and her hot bondage outfit makes her even hornier as she works those dicks as hard as possible. She loves to be the meat to their sandwich and soon she’s getting fucked deep in her cunt and down her throat at the same time.

Jessica Jaymes always likes her sex a little on the edge and when her stud lovers shower her with their sticky love juice, she’s in porn heaven!

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Jessica Jaymes Shows Off Her Bangin’ Body in Top and Tiny Red Panties

Wednesday, February 12, 2014 23:21

When tantalizing brunette Jessica Jaymes gets her very own Nurgle’s Nymphs t-shirt, the stunning vixen decides that the best way to do the sexy shirt justice is to pair it with some tiny red panties. She loves her new shirt and knows that it is like a badge of honor, letting her know that she is now a member of one of the hottest and most titillating sites on the Internet.

Deep down inside, this sexy seductress knows that she is truly a Nurgle’s Nymph in every way because turning her fans on is her number one priority. Her sensuous curves are only enhanced by her deliciously naughty personality. To prove her point, she pulls her panties to the side before squatting and spreading her legs. Her t-shirt really brings her inner minx to the surface and Jessica Jaymes loves showing off that bare pussy, letting you know that it is juicy wet and ready for pleasure.

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Jessica Jaymes Swallows Dick in POV Blowjob Porn

Friday, January 24, 2014 14:07

Pretty brunette Jessica Jaymes is one porn babe that knows all about feasting on a thick cock. This talented minx uses every bit of her mouth to savor that thick dick and make it beg for mercy. Her lush lips are warm and soft. Her tongue is flexible and caressing.

Her teeth nibble with just the right intensity to keep things really interesting. And when she sucks that man meat deep into her throat, she really gets off on being fucked while she gags! Jessica Jaymes is ready to swallow a lot of cum – she’s just waiting for the shower to begin.

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Jessica Jaymes Gorgeous Pornstar Slips Out of Her Corset

Friday, January 24, 2014 13:40

Jessica Jaymes is one foxy dark haired babe! She walks into the room wearing pretty purple lingerie and a fancy pearl necklace! When she puts her ear to the strange, reflective wall she can hear dark voices whispering secret commands to her!

Commands she obeys, like “Take your panties off!” and “masturbate your tight little pussy!” and “Twist those cute, perky nipples!” and it isn’t long before she’s fingering her juicy cunt into oblivion and spreading her cheeks to show off her delicious pucker-hole! Good thing for us, when Jessica Jaymes gets orders from the voices in the walls, she obeys them!

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Jessica Jaymes and the Three Sluts of Christmas

Thursday, January 9, 2014 2:43

Santa’s come to visit Jessica Jaymes and two of her busty pornstar friends. He’s skipping the milk and cookies and going straight for that nookie. These three drop to their knees and open wide so they can get a mouth full of cock. They suck the old man’s cock until he just can’t take it – all three sluts with their lips locked tight on his cock and balls.

It isn’t too long before Santa is giving the girls their Christmas gifts, which starts with each of them being fucked. They ride his pole, slamming their juicy pussies against him. Once he’s reached his limit, he pulls out and showers Jessica Jaymes and her other two slutty friends in Chris Kringle cum.

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Jessica Jaymes Masturbates to Get on the Naughty List

Tuesday, December 24, 2013 12:06

Tantalizing brunette hottie Jessica Jaymes really gets into Christmas, but this luscious lady has one goal in mind this holiday season – she wants to get on the naughty list. She’s hoping to greet Santa in her sexy red and white lingerie, slipping her Christmas toy in and out of her tight little cunt.

The best thing of all would be if Santa slid down the chimney just as she was cumming. Then she could treat his Christmas balls to a little extra special attention. Just wait until Jessica Jaymes hands him his glass of spiked eggnog and a plate of x-rated holiday cookies!

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